Quality Bricklaying Services

When it comes to quality bricklaying services and you are looking for a skilled workforce and remarkable craftsmanship. Our experienced and dexterous team is an amalgamation of creativity and professionalism. We care about your taste, and we genuinely believe that our team can understand your requirements and provide your services which you are really worth. Have a glance at our bricklaying services which we offer at KD Brickwork:


Repointing is the process of renewing and refurbishing the pointing. In a masonry construction and brickwork, the joints of bricks are renewed because of their exposure to climatic and geographical factors. Over time, weathering, erosion or depreciation create gaps and cracks between the joints of masonry construction. This may lead to water seepage through voids and cracks which can play havoc with a building. The structure becomes weak and loose. It may pose a danger to surroundings as the loose bricks are prone to falling.

Lime Mortars

We provide quality bricklaying services by offering to refurbish with lime mortar. Lime mortar is primarily used as an alternative to ordinary Portland cement. Lime mortar is hard, flexible, and impermeable. Therefore, it is widely used for construction and for holding bricks together. Lime Mortar also allows the building to breath, It’s not advisable to add Portland cement to an existing lime mortar buildings as this  stop the building from breathing and rots the brickwork of the building.

Heritage Brickwork

Old buildings require utmost care and maintenance otherwise they deteriorate and lose their charm, grace and beauty. Buildings, having brickwork go through the same deterioration like spalling and crumbling of mortar. The  surface of brickwork may also get stained because of exposure to moisture and water. Furthermore, climate may cause a building of brickwork to experience cracks and crevices which can result in falling off of a building.

It is important to preserve the heritage brickwork.

Specialist Brickwork

KD Brickwork, we employ brickwork specialists for your guidance and help. They listen to your requirements and translate those ideas into reality through their expertise. Our specialists are here to extend their quality bricklaying services regarding the kind of brickwork which will be more suitable for you. They take into consideration all factors and elements such as budget, geography, climatic conditions etc. and give their experienced opinion about the kind of brickwork you should get done.

New Builds

New buildings are always an exciting project for providing quality bricklaying services. KD Brickworks, we take projects of new buildings very enthusiastically. To construct a building from scratch, to beautify it without any constraints, to include innovative idea; these are the things which make us so excited about providing bricklaying services for new buildings.

Residential / Commercial /Educational /Leisure

Our area of bricklaying services encompasses residential as well as commercial buildings. We have not restricted our services for private buildings rather public establishments can also benefit from KD Brickwork’s quality bricklaying services. Whether it is an educational building or a park; we are here to give your buildings a new life and a classy look.

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