Garden Walls

KD brickwork offers you top quality garden wall construction services and promise to deliver excellence every time. We use the best combination of materials so that the garden wall stays strong in its place for years to come and also protects it from adverse weather conditions. We build the walls in a way that you will not need to repair them for a long time. KD brickwork is a trusted name in the construction industry and our quality bricklaying services London enjoy a competitive edge over all other companies

Having a garden in your home or a big lawn at the ground floor of your building or property entrance can add and enhance the appearance. It is however intrinsic that you take complete and regular care of it, failure to do socan have a detrimental effect as the flowers and greenery will lose their appeal, thus creating extra work in the long run.Erecting a garden wall on one side or more than one side of the garden can protect your garden from stray animals and weeds etc and will improve the appearance of your garden.

We have a large team of bricklayers, construction workers and designers who use all the skill, talent and knowledge to provide great levels of service that we have been doing for years. All our team workers have certified cards and you can trust them with their work. It is because of our competent workers that we have 100% safety record, namely our health and safety compliance and all our projects have been completed with perfection.

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